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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Official Statement from the City of Union City on the death of Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro

Official Statement

Mayor Brian P. Stack
& Board of Commissioners
City of Union City

(Union City, NJ)  Today marks an important day in history… The death of Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro.  North Hudson County, New Jersey has the largest population of Cuban immigrants in the Northeast.  The Commissioners and I stand united with the Cuban people who yearn, dream, and hope for a completely free Cuba.  As Cuban’s all over the world celebrate the death of this infamous dictator,  we pray that today’s news is a beginning to real change in the captive Island, because the people of Cuba are still not free.

A great many people have suffered and died in the hands of this brutal dictator and his cohorts.  As a City and as a Nation, we must join our fellow Cuban-American friends and demand real change and freedom for the people of Cuba.

“The Commissioners and I hope that the death of Dictator Fidel Castro is the beginning of the end of this oppressive communist regime and the birth of a democratic and free Cuba. Unfortunately, Cuba's government continues to deny free speech and freedom to its citizens.  When Cuba and its people are finally truly free, the City of Union City will hold a great celebration; a celebration where all our residents will come together and rejoice Cuba’s long overdue and hard-fought freedom.”

GOD Bless the Cuban People and GOD Bless the United States of America.

Brian P. Stack
Mayor & State Senator 

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