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Monday, March 6, 2017

Estreno en NYC

"Bahía de Cochinos, Nuestra Perspectiva"
Presentación de Estreno en NYC

El documental "Bahía de Cochinos, Nuestra Perspectiva" tendra su estreno en la Ciudad de Nueva York el Domingo, 12 de marzo 2017 a las 6:30 PM en el Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura, 541 West 145th Street, 2nd Floor, NYC, NY 10031. La entrada es gratuita.  El Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura es indudablemente el mas activo e importance centro cultural Hispano de la Ciudad de Nueva York.

"Bahía de Cochinos, Nuestra Perspectiva" es una película documental sobre la Bahía de Cochinos representada a través de los ojos de exiliados cubanos que participaron en la invasión. Ahora, muchos años después, contemplan los acontecimientos y comparten sus historias y sentimientos individuales. Esa historia tiene un precio, un precio que les preguntamos si estarían dispuestos a pagar de nuevo. Cuando todo está dicho y hecho, ¿están estos últimos invasores resentidos? ¿Le echan la culpa a alguien? ¿Quién perdió más en la invasión de Bahía de Cochinos, los exiliados, los cubanos revolucionarios, o el pueblo de Cuba?  Esta es una nueva narración de esta historia, y se recuenta con profunda emoción.

La película cuenta con el testimonio de miembros de la Brigada 2506: Ángel Casabona, Isidoro López, Ricardo M. Montero, Raúl Puig, y Alvin Ross; así como con Sergio Gatria, director del Cuban Information Center. Sus historias son conmovedoras y arrojan luz sobre la invasión de Bahía de Cochinos. La película posiblemente creará un diálogo serio sobre lo que realmente sucedió detrás de los acontecimientos que condujeron a la invasión y sus consecuencias posteriores.

La pelicula se ha presentado en varios distinguidos lugares, incluyendo el Museo de Arte de Union City; Union City Performing Arts Center; Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center; Centro Cultural de las Telecomunicaciones in Santo Domingo, RD; Casa de Cultura de La Vega, RD; Casa de Cultura de Constanza, RD; y por Silver Star Television en Peru.  

"Bahía de Cochinos, Nuestra Perspectiva" está dirigida por el reconocido director cubano, Ricardo Bacallao y Lucio Fernandez; producida por MeLu Films y The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc.; Megan Fernandez, Productora Ejecutiva; Lucio Fernandez, Productor. 

“Bahia de Cochinos, Nuestra Perspectiva”
Dirigida por Ricardo Bacallao y Lucio Fernandez

Domingo, 12 de Marzo, 2017
6:30 PM

Auditorio Rafael Villalona
Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura
541 West 145th Street, 2nd Floor
NYC, NY 10031

Entrada Gratis

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Bahia de Cochinos, Nuestra Perspectiva" en NYC

"Bahía de Cochinos, Nuestra Perspectiva” se proyectará el Domingo,12 de Marzo, 2017 a las 6:30 PM en el Auditorio Rafael Villalona del Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura en el 541 West 145th Street,  2do piso, NYC.  Entrada gratis.  El Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura es el centro Hispano cultural mas activo e importante de la Ciudad de New York.

El documental es historico y recoge los verdaderos hechos contado por cinco veteranos que participaron en ella.  No se pierdan los verdaderos hechos de la Invasión de Bahía de Cochinos (Giron).

Monday, February 20, 2017

Ruben Rodriguez plans to scare you!!!


FEBRUARY 16, 2017 – MOJOCREATIVE GROUP, LLC in association with CGO and GORE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC are producing their newest venture into horror with DEATH LIKE ME, a horror film based on Edgar Allan Poe’s classic short story “The Black Cat”. The film will be shooting in Union City, New Jersey for an early 2018 release.

DEATH LIKE ME is about an introverted home health aide, Genesis Narvaez, who is fighting a deep-seated need to kill and is seduced into giving in to her murderous desires.  Much like Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Black Cat,” DEATH LIKE ME takes a look into the mind of madness and examines how a seemingly normal person can be transformed into a vicious killer.  

“Our spin on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” also features a black cat, but our cat encourages our main character, Genesis, to go further down the rabbit hole of madness,” said Ruben Rodriguez the film’s director. “Our film is really a study of how desire and insanity can be one and the same. Our main character has a desire to do harm, but she fights the urge to give in to it. She just wants to be a normal girl. Unfortunately, she loses the fight when she encounters a stranger at a bar. Through that encounter, we get a very entertaining twist ending that will definitely delight and scare viewers.”

The three friends and former students of New Jersey City University media arts program — Ruben Rodriguez (director, producer), Cesar G. Orellana (producer) and Brit Barrison (producer) — are the team members behind the feature film Death of April and a series of horror shorts currently being distributed by Ruthless Studios: “Delete,” “Don’t Skimp on the Undead,” and “It Requires Sacrifice.”  Joining the DEATH LIKE ME production team are Lucio Fernandez and Michelle Velez.

 has an incredible creep factor and just turns up the tension throughout,” said Cesar G. Orellana, producer. “I have worked with Ruben on all of his films and they just keep getting creepier with each attempt. Being a Hispanic filmmaker in Hollywood has proven to be tough. There are only a few well-known Hispanic horror filmmakers in the industry: Guillermo Del Toro (Crimson Peak, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark) and Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead 2013, Don’t Breathe) to name a couple. We want to help add Ruben Rodriguez’s name to that list.”

With much emphasis lately on the lack of minorities in film, in directorial roles in particular, it’s important that people get behind a project like this, devised and driven by a new and ambitious Hispanic filmmaker. Mojocreative Group’s previous film, The Death of April, earned them a number of festival awards and a distribution deal with ITN Distribution. Ruben Rodriguez and his team are seeking a modest contribution to pay for the make-up and production supplies they need to create their gory effects. The team will be putting up the remainder of the film’s budget, so there is no excuse not to back this grisly little gem!

DEATH LIKE ME boasts an outstanding cast of performers (Shevaun Kastl, Mourning Hour, Conversations with Lucifer), Jenna Kildosher (Cabin of Errors, Never to Wake Again), Lucio Fernandez (Vampire in Union City, The Death of April, Sal) and Will Fonseca (Changing Diego, Rewind, El Bandido).

Those who wish to support this exciting creative venture can visit the DEATH LIKE ME Indiegogo site, at this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/death-like-me-a-short-film-project-horror, or even just drop in on their Facebook page and give them a “like”:  https://www.facebook.com/deathlikeme/

The film has a distribution deal and will be released on DVD and VOD in early 2018.  

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Zacarias Ferreira & Maxima Alerta on one stage!!!

The bachata superstar Zacarias Ferreira and the best fusion musical group from Cuba, Maxima Alerta will share a stage for a night of energy and fun.  Don't miss it!!!  Get your tickets today.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cuban Flag-raising Ceremony in Union City

(UNION CITY, NJ) – Following the death of Cuban Dictator, Fidel Castro, the City of Union City’s Mayor, Brian P. Stack and the Board of Commissioners are scheduled to hold a ceremony to raise the Cuban flag in solidarity with the millions of Cubans around the world who have suffered under the Castro regime. 

“We stand together with all Cubans in Union City, Hudson County and around the world who have been enslaved, impoverished, disenfranchised and suffered many atrocities at the hands of Fidel Castro,” said Mayor Brian P. Stack.  “It is my sincere hope that Castro’s death will lead to freedom for the Cuban people and subsequently a relationship with the United States.  When the people of Cuba are finally free, we will celebrate together.” 

Hudson County is home to the largest population of Cuban immigrants in the Northeastern United States.  Cubans in Union City and all over the world are rejoicing in death of the infamous dictator and have expressed hope that real change will come for the people of Cuba.  Repressive laws have allowed for the imprisonment and even deaths of thousands of political protesters and caused many leave their families to seek refuge in the United States.

Union City will hold the Cuban Flag Raising Ceremony at 4 PM on November 28, 2016 at 38th Street and Palisade Avenue across from City Hall.  The Mayor and Board of Commissioners invite the public to join them as they raise the Cuban flag in solidarity with Cubans all around the world. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Official Statement from the City of Union City on the death of Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro

Official Statement

Mayor Brian P. Stack
& Board of Commissioners
City of Union City

(Union City, NJ)  Today marks an important day in history… The death of Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro.  North Hudson County, New Jersey has the largest population of Cuban immigrants in the Northeast.  The Commissioners and I stand united with the Cuban people who yearn, dream, and hope for a completely free Cuba.  As Cuban’s all over the world celebrate the death of this infamous dictator,  we pray that today’s news is a beginning to real change in the captive Island, because the people of Cuba are still not free.

A great many people have suffered and died in the hands of this brutal dictator and his cohorts.  As a City and as a Nation, we must join our fellow Cuban-American friends and demand real change and freedom for the people of Cuba.

“The Commissioners and I hope that the death of Dictator Fidel Castro is the beginning of the end of this oppressive communist regime and the birth of a democratic and free Cuba. Unfortunately, Cuba's government continues to deny free speech and freedom to its citizens.  When Cuba and its people are finally truly free, the City of Union City will hold a great celebration; a celebration where all our residents will come together and rejoice Cuba’s long overdue and hard-fought freedom.”

GOD Bless the Cuban People and GOD Bless the United States of America.

Brian P. Stack
Mayor & State Senator