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Monday, October 14, 2013

Cuban Actor Lucio Fernandez in NYC

"Till Death" Opens in NYC
The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc. presents the world premiere of the dark comedy "Till Death" by Lucio Fernandez.  The play opens on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 8:00 PM at The Producers' Club Theatre, 358 West 44th Street in NYC for a limited run.  There will be a VIP Reception following the opening night performance on Wednesday, November 20th.  The play is directed by Peter A. Dubo and stars Ruth Kavanagh and Lucio Fernandez.

"Have you ever been afraid of your wife or girlfriend?"  Ruth Kavanagh plays the "perfect woman" wishing to help Lucio Fernandez' desperately delusional and suicidal "Tony". What the character of "Tony" discovers is that "Some commitments must be kept."  "Tony" finds himself lost in the illusions of his mind, constantly tormented by nightmares; nightmares driven by women from his past.  In a constant search for peace... "peace of mind", he comes to believe that death is his only answer... the only way out of his predicament.  But is that what he really wants?  In his quest for peace, he finds that a commitment is a commitment, and some cannot be broken.  In fact, some commitments are more than one can bare.

"Till Death"
by Lucio Fernandez
Directed by Peter A. Dubo
Assisted by Megan Fernandez

Ruth Kavanagh
Lucio Fernandez

The Producers' Club Theatre
358 West 44th Street
New York City

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 @ 8:00 PM
Thursday, November 21, 2013 @ 8:00 PM
Friday, November 22, 2013 @ 8:00 PM
Saturday, November 23, 2013 @ 8:00 PM
Sunday, November 24, 2013 @ 4:00 PM

Tickets: $18.00


For more information, please visit:  www.GraceTheatre.com

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fiesta del Mamoncillo

Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 12pm to 9pm
El Club Cubano Inter-Americano presents:

The Original Traditional

Fiesta del Mamoncillo
(Recordando el Mamoncillo)

Special Tribute to "Benny Moré"

4 Live Bands!

La Charanga 76
David Oquendo y Havana 3
Gerardo Contino y sus Habaneros
(Former lead singer from NG La Banda)

DJ Broadway

Once again, El Club Cubano Inter-Americano is proud to present the event that made them legendary ---La Fiesta del MamoncilloThis year featuring 4 live bands: SonSublime, La Charanga 76, David Oquendo y Havana 3, Gerardo Contino y sus Habaneros (Former lead singer from NG La Banda) plus DJ Broadway in-between sets.  This traditional Cuban event that dates back to 1920s Havana, and which was started here in the NYC Metro area 44 years ago in 1969 by El Club Cubano Inter-Americano, has throughout the years, attracted Cuban music lovers and dancers from the tri-state, as well as states as far away as Florida, and has become the leading event that maintains Cuban culture and history in the North Eastern United States.  This event is open to the public - all are welcome.  

Please join us on Saturday, June 29th, 2013 for an outdoor music and dance festival like no other ---A true original!

Schuetzen Park
3167 John F Kennedy Blvd.
North Bergen, NJ 07047

General Admission: $40. Advanced / $45. at the Door

To purchase tickets online, go to: www.clubcubanomamoncillo2013s.eventbrite.com

For tickets by phone, please call:
in NYC & Westchester: Jesse Herrero 914-373-4468
Bronx: Elena Martos 718-367-8409
Brooklyn: Merline 718-462-1779

Tickets also Available at:
Casa Latina - 151 East 116th Street, New York, NY 10029 
Tel: 212- 427-6062

This is a very popular event - Order your tickets early!

• Authentic Cuban food will be sold on premises.
• Cash Bar with premium brands available all afternoon & evening.

Absolutely no outside food, beverages or coolers are allowed to be brought into 
the Schuetzen Park premises.

El Club Cubano Inter-Americano is a Cuban cultural and social club established in 1945 by Cuban residents who saw the need to develop a cultural space for Cubans and Latin Americans living in New York, regardless of race, sex, creed, political affiliation or religious preference. El Club Cubano's objective is to celebrate Cuba's rich cultural heritage through programs and events, serving as a conduit of information about Cuban culture, here and abroad. El Club Cubano Inter-Americano, legally registered in the state of New York as The Cuban Inter-American Cultural and Social Club Inc., a not for profit organization.

For information on El Club Cubano Inter-Americano go to: www.ecciny.org

For more info on La Fiesta del Mamoncillo go to: www.fiestadelmamoncillo.org

Also visit www.HavanaNewYork.com your guide to Cuban music & more…

Thursday, May 30, 2013

"American Mambo" Hits!!!

Lucio Fernandez releases new CD "American Mambo"

MeLu Communications Group announces the release of "American Mambo"... the exciting new CD by Lucio Fernandez a.k.a. "The Cuban Kid".  A feel good production... from dance tracks, to boleros, to hard driving ballads... this is "American Mambo". 

Watch the premiere music video featuring the song:
"American Mambo" Remix

The CD is available at the following sites: 

CDBaby at:

iTunes at:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jorge Sanchez "Papito"... New CD

Jorge Sanchez was born in Cuba into a musical family. He began performing at the age five, as part of a family duo in his native land.  Upon arriving in the U.S. he worked with many of the top names in latin music, notably, the “Jersey Cuban Boys”. Afterwards he was co-leader of the renowned “Orquesta Riviera” and was lead singer of the legandary “Fajardo y sus Estrellas” for seventeen years. Lately he is singing with Papo Ortega & Cubanoson, and “Charanga 76.

Throughout his career, Jorge has made numerous television appearances and has won the respect and admiration of many of the industry’s top performers.

In addition to his vocal talent, Jorge also writes most of his material. Combining years of experience with the youthful energy and vibes of today, Jorge Sanchez “Papito” is sure to be an artist you’ll enjoy and admire for years to come.

Aside from being a great singer he is also a musician who plays various instruments like bass, guitar, drums, percussion…

One of the songs written by Jorge Sanchez “Papito”, titled “Luz Marina”, was included in the movie “Caught”, featuring James Edward Olmos and Maria Conchita Alonso, release by Sony Classic Movies.

Official website:  jspapito.wordpress.com

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Premios ATI 2013

Artistas de Teatro Independiente “ATI”

Los miembros de la Asociación de Artistas de Teatro Independiente “ATI”, se complace en dar la lista de los nominados a los premios ATI en su 3ra versión, premio que se otorga a los Actores, Productores, Directores de teatro Latino más destacados en la Ciudad de New York durante el año 2012.  La gala de la entrega de los premios será en el  Poet's Den Theater, 309 East 108th Street(entre Avedidas 1ra y 2da) Manhattan, NY 10029 el próximo 27 de Marzo, 2013 en celebración del dia Internacional del Teatro. 

Gala de los Premios ATI en su 3ra versión
Poet's Den Theater
309 East 108th Street (entre Avenidas 1ra y 2da) 
Manhattan, NY 10029

Miercoles, 27 de Marzo, 2013
7:00 PM

Los Tickets para los Premios ATI estan disponibles: 
$45.00 por adelantado
$55.00 en la entrada
Para mayor información llamar a JJ Franco 347-614-3527
info@premiosati.com o premiosati@gmail.com 
Para mas información, visite: www.PremiosATI.com

Premios ATI tiene dos categorías:

Teatros con Sede o Asociados: Entidades que tienen un lugar propio o rentado permanentemente donde realizan sus actividades artísticas, este año las obras visitantes que mas se destacaron durante el 2012, entrarán en esta categoría.

Teatros Independientes o Sin Sede: Entidades sin un lugar fijo, limitando el realizar sus actividades artísticas.

Nominados a premios ATI Teatro con Sede o Asociados

Mejor Actriz:
Zulema Clares "El Amor en Tiempos del Colera" (Repertorio Español)
Soledad Lopez "La Callas y Medea" ( Teatro Thalia)
Viena Gonzalez "Nuestra Señora de Las Nubes" (Guloya Teatro)

Mejor Actor:
Francisco Fuertes '' La Callas y Medea'' (Teatro Thalia)
Claudio Rivera '' Nuestra Señora de las Nubes'' (Teatro Guloya)
Luis Carlos de La Lombana'' El Amor en los Tiempos del Colera( Repertorio Español)

Mejor Caracterización y Vestuario
Nuestra Señora de las Nubes (Teatro Guloya)
La Callas y Medea (Teatro Thalia)
El Amor en los Tiempos del Colera( Repertorio Español)

Mejor Director
José Zayas ''El Amor en los Tiempos del Colera''( Repertorio Español)
Claudio Rivera ''Nuestra Señora de las Nubes'' (Teatro Guloya)
Angel Gil Orrios '' La Callas y Medea'' (Teatro Thalia)

Mejor Producción 2012
Nuestra Señora de las Nubes (Teatro Guloya)
La Callas y Medea (Teatro Thalia)
El Amor en los Tiempos del Colera( Repertorio Español)

Nominados Teatro Independiente o Sin Sede

Mejor Actriz de Reparto:
Adriana Sananes ''Medardo Con el Alma en Los Labios" (Kayros Theater Group, Inc)
Yvette Quintero "Bodas de Sangre" (E3Outlaws Productions Co, Inc.)
Kathy Tejada ''Xomo Xstaba Xskrito'' (Teatro TEBA)

Mejor Actor de Reparto:
Edinson Carrera "Xomo Xstaba Xskrito" (Teatro TEBA)
Edward Azcorra "El Corregidor" (FenixUsany, Inc)
Hector Luis Rivera "El Corregidor" (FenixUsany, Inc)
Lucio Fernandez ''Cuba Punto X'' (Melu Communications Group, Latin Jazz Usa Productions, Ollantay Center for the Arts)

Mejor Actriz Principal
Anny Gomez "Bodas de Sangre" (E3Outlaws Productiones Co, Inc)
Angie Regina "Fragil" (Otro Teatro)
Zulayka Velazquez ''Medardo: Con el Alma en Los Labios" (Kayros Theater Group, Inc)
Fanny Rybin ''Breve Temporada de Invierno'' (Marañao, Inc)

Mejor Actor Principal:
Julio Ortega "Medardo: Con el Alma en Los Labios" (Kayros Theater Group, Inc)
Eduardo Ramos "Bodas de Sangre" (E3Outlaws Productions Co, Inc)
Juan Villarreal "El Corregidor" (FenixUsany, Inc)
Billy Martin ''Fragil'' (Otro Teatro)

Mejor Actriz Monólogo
Emely Grisanty ''Hijo del Ruiseñor '' (Guacamolink. Comunidad de Performing Arts)
Digna Carvajal ''La Susy'' (Festival de Monologos Monologando Ando)
Xiomara Cintrón ''Herencia de la Desidia'' (Guacamolink. Comunidad de performing Arts)

Mejor Actor Monólogo
Juan Guzman ''El Triste Olvido'' (Festival de Monólogos Monologando Ando''
Nestor Carrillo '' Frida Kahlo'' (Festival de Monólogos Monologando Ando''
Isaniel Rojas '' El Perdedor'' (HabanaFama)

Mejor Caracterización, Vestuario y Maquillaje (Por producción)
La Cenicienta (Fragal)
El Osito Manhanattero (Danisarte)
El Corregidor ( FenixUsany, Inc)
Medardo: Con el Alma en Los Labios (Kayros Theater Group, Inc)

Mejor Escenografia (Por producción)
Cuba Punto X (Melu communications Group, Latin Jazz Usa Productions, Ollantay Center for the Arts)
El Corregidor (FenixUsany, Inc)
Breve Temporada de Invierno (Marañao, Inc)

Mejor Director Monólogos
Juan Guzman '' El Triste Olvido'' (Festival de Monólogos Monologando Ando)
Josean Ortiz '' Frida Kahlo'' (Festival de Monólogos Monologando Ando)
Walter Ventosilla '' Herencia de la Desidia'' (Guacamolink. Comunidad de performing Arts)
Mejor Director
Franco Galecio ''Cenicienta'' (Fragal)
José Cheo Olivera ''Medardo Con el Alma en Los Labios" (Kayros Theater Group, Inc)
Ivan Acosta ''Cuba Punto X'' (Melu Communications Group, Latin Jazz Usa Productions, Ollantay Center for the Arts)

Mejor Producción 2012 
Cuba Punto X (Melu Communications Group, Latin Jazz Usa Productions, Ollantay Center for the Arts)
Xomo Xstaba Xskrito (Teatro TEBA)
Medardo: Con el Alma en Los Labios (Kayros Theater Group, Inc)
El Corregidor (FenixUsany, Inc)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cuban play is a hit in NYC

The Off Broadway play "Cuba: Punto X" presented in the fall has been nominated for eight awards... four Premios ATI and four Premios ACE.

Premios ATI 2013
Artistas Teatro Independiente (A T I)
Nominaciones Teatro Independiente o Sin Sede:

Mejor Actor de Reparto: Lucio Fernandez - ''Cuba: Punto X'' 

Mejor Escenografia (Por producción): “Cuba: Punto X”
(MeLu Communications Group, Latin Jazz USA Productions, Ollantay Center for the Arts)

Mejor Director: Ivan Acosta - ''Cuba: Punto X'' 

Mejor Producción 2012: "Cuba: Punto X"
(MeLu Communications Group, Latin Jazz USA Productions, Ollantay Center for the Arts)

Premios ACE 2013
La Asociación de Cronistas de Espectáculos de Nueva York
Nominaciones de Teatro

Mejor Actriz / Drama: Dalia Davi (“Cuba: Punto X”)

Mejor Coactuacion Masculina: Lucio Fernández (“Cuba: Punto X”)

Mejor Coactuacion Masculina: Alfonso Rey (“Cuba: Punto X”)

Mejor Direccion / Drama: Iván Acosta (“Cuba: Punto X”)

“Cuba: Punto X” written & directed by Ivan Acosta;  Starring Dalia Davi, Lucio Fernandez, and Alfonso Rey; Lucio Fernandez, Executive Producer; produced by MeLu Communications Group and Latin Jazz USA Productions, with Ollantay Center for the Arts.